Dear Sir / Madam,

Both my kids study at Hyderabad in a CBSE School.

It has been quite perplexing and irrational for me when I look into the syllabus of my elder son who is in VI Standard. Especially English seem to be very illogical and unstructured. What is aimed at while designing the curriculum is what I wish to know.

Suddenly Sunil Gavaskar Appears and assignments were given on Sachin Tendulkar. Hence, I am unable to understand if the syllabus is designed to attract kids or educate them. Precisely, Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin have excelled in their own sport and got wide publicity. As such there are equally good or better brilliant lot from educational sphere and knowledge industry, who were never bothered about by the so called media maniacs thus remain unknown today.

If I have to go subject wise there could be many such views coming out. I wish to know the rational behind curriculum designed for all classes. Can you please enlighten me on this. Should you suggest I can seek the help under RTI scope.
Warm Regards

H V Madan
Principal Consultant & CEO
[email protected]