Will Improvement Exam marks be valid in foreign Universities?
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Will Improvement Exam marks be valid in foreign Universities?

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    Will Improvement Exam marks be valid in foreign Universities?

    I passed my 2012 CBSE Board exams with 78 % , I previously decided to give only 2 subjects for Improvement ( maths/ physics) later when i came to know that to be eligible for JEE mains we have to give improvement in all 5 subjects i applied for the Improvement in all 5 subjects. My question Is if i want to apply to foreign universities and colleges as well in 2013 can i show them the Improvement Exam's Statement of marks or is it invalid ? Secondly If i show them both the Marks Statements will they consider the best marks of the 2 marksheets or only the Original 2012 CBSE exam Marksheet ??? Please reply ASAP !! I know its hard to tell for foreign universities as they are out of CBSE and India's Jurisdiction but should there be a problem if i were to use my improvement Marksheet is what i want to know in General? Has anyone before faced any situation of this sort before, Please reply !! Thankyou in advance!!

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    Improvement Examination Marks will be valid for all the universities and colleges. High marks out of two will be taken as original.

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