What is requirement for admission in MBBS in Canada?
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What is requirement for admission in MBBS in Canada?

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    What is requirement for admission in MBBS in Canada?

    salam....sir i want to ask you that what is requirement for addmission in mbbs in canada and fee also and also what is policy for mbbs

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    A medical degree from Canada is a sequence of hard work at every stage. If I simply have to state it, you need to begin earning a Bachelors degree, get accepted by a medical school and complete the residency program.

    you can begin by starting with a Bachelors degree, preferably a science major. Though it is not a mandatory criteria for all medical schools in Canada, it definitely cuts down the competition and makes the understanding much easier in the medical school. The acceptance of the duration of the degree varies in medical schools and some are known to accept even a 2 -3 year degree!

    Now once you have earned the medical degree once should proceed making the choice of the medical school keeping in mind the criteria of being accepted. This is one of the crucial stages since medical schools in Canada are limited to 17 and being accepted in one of these is a challenging experience. For instance some schools consider residents of the same province and most of the schools with English as the mode of instruction require that you take the 9 hour long Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). As international applicant you will also be required to take one of the English Language Proficiency Tests like Test of English as a Foreign Language-TOEFL, International English Language Testing Systems-IELTS etc.

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