Hi Friends

I am MadanKumar an Engg graduate in Computer's passed out in 2010 ,but my goal is to make a career in Aviation Industry,I need to know the ways where i can switch my career from computers to Aviation,I have worked in MNC for 1 year where i could not show any interest on it,I am confused so much to take the next step in my career path but i am confident that i should take my next step towards Aviation where i can grow PLs Suggest me the idea to make my career in Aviation.

I have an idea where i can take up the course in the Aerospace Design but i really don know how institute is going to help me since i am from CSE where they train only from Mech,Aero. Is it possible that i can make it design field? Will the institute train me?If so could you suggest me the best institute in Bangalore,I have tried in IAF but my age was barred since i belong to 1988

Apart from Aerospace design there are many fields in the Aviation industry,But i don know how its going to help me since i have finished engg in CSE Pls help me Needed this Help in deciding my career path