How to take print out of jee application form
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How to take print out of jee application form

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    How to take print out of jee application form

    I have filled the application online and also made the payment by debit card online. I also obtained a confirmation number online, but I did not take the print out of the application form. How do i retrieve and take print out, since there is not much time for submission. Can you please reply urgently !!!!

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    Dear All,
    Warm Greetings! I took print out of my Confirmation Page and it was done smoothly. But after second week of Registration some guys are experiencing problem in printing out the confirmation page. I inspected the Matter and found that CBSE has blocked printing on all browsers except Internet Explorer and it is not printing well in Internet Explorer as well. My Friends were very upset and reached to me and I have successfully Helped them in Printing it.
    I am Sharing you how you can do it. There are two Possible ways:

    1. Step 01 (Moderately Easy)
    1. Install Any PDFCreator in your system
    2. Make it as Default Printer for Internet Explorer
    3. Open your Registration Home Page in Internet Explorer
    4. Click on 'Print this Page'
    5. Choose 'PDFcreator' to print from.
    6. PDF will be created
    7. Print and Enjoy!

    2. Step 02 (Moderately Easy)
    1. Open MS- OneNote 2010 in microsoft office. (Install MS-Office 2010 Pro Plus trial from microsoft if you don't have MS Office on your Computer)
    2. Configure MS Onenote
    3. Repeat (3), (4) from above step.
    4. Choose send to 'onenote' from print dialog box.
    5. Your confirmation page will be saved
    6. Print directly from onenote or convert to pdf if you want to print it from cyber cafe.

    NOTE: I will advise you to make PDF of File made from onenote bcoz your cyber cafe's computer may not have Onenote 2010.

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