Where can I find the details for NTSE Exam?
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Where can I find the details for NTSE Exam?

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    Where can I find the details for NTSE Exam?

    respected sir/madam,

    I am looking for NTSE exam details like eligibility, sample papers and all the procedure for application.

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    National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program in India to identify and recognize students with extremely high intellect and academic talent. It helps students to proliferate their mental level and also helps them to sharpen their minds.

    Eligibility: All students studying in class VIII are eligible.

    Scholarships: Each year 1000 scholarships awarded. The amount of scholarship will be Rs.500 per month. The selected students receive this assistance up to Ph.D. Level.

    Examination: Stage I examination at the State/UT level will comprise two parts, namely (a) Mental Ability Test (MAT) and (b) Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) covering social sciences, sciences and mathematics. Stage II examination at the National level will comprise (a) Mental Ability Test (MAT), (b) Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) covering Social Sciences, Sciences and Mathematics.

    Application Form: http://www.ncert.nic.in/programmes/talent_exam/pdf_files/CAFORM_CL08_NTSE2012.pdf
    The completed application form should be signed by Principal of the school. The candidate/Principal of the school must confirm the last date for submission of Application Form and where to submit it from the State/ UT liaison officer whose addresses are given in the end/NCERT website. Different states may have different last dates for submission of application forms.

    Sample Papers: http://edudel.nic.in/ntse/ntse_new.htm

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