Dear All ,
I am a retired Colonel from Indian Army , Commando , post graduate in Social & Environmental Sciences, MBA .and Army / Civil qualifications .
After having served in Army for almost 31 years and an excellent industrial exposure at the highest level of authority , I am presently functioning as a Director with Pacific University , Udaipur , which has over 20 colleges , over 17000 Students and over 1200 faculty and admin staff .

The recent rape incident in Delhi Bus had fortunately got the wide media attention otherwise thousands of such cases which happen every day across the globe goes unnoticed / unreported ,,,,, and shall continue until we make an earnest effort to change the mind set of the people (both males & females)and take long term measures to curb this menace .

Whenever such instances happen ,,, initially there is a lot of hue and cry, media coverage , protests and then every thing dies its own death for various reasons including our short memory and busy life ,,,,,, because in our country ,,,,we always react to a situation and don't act.

Here , I have a long term plan ,,,, to establish -Global Military Foundation,,,, on the lines of Sainik Schools / Military Schools , CBSE Pattern ,,, yet totally different ,,, for 5000 girls and 5000 boys ,100% residential School , excellent Sports and other facilities ,all forms of training on Self Defence , , emphasis on Moral education , Character building , self reliant , 100% JOB / PLACEMENT / Coaching for competitive exams and much more .to make them the -BEST GLOBAL CITIZENS ,,,,Statewise / Countrywise vacancies shall be allotted ,,,,admissions 6th Class onwards ,,,,for others to emulate and follow the same pattern in every State / Country .

It would need like minded , selfless people ,,, totally dedicated and devoted for this most noble and social cause ,,, who would work with a very positive attitude and holistic approach .. a lot of funds ,,,,

Do we have such people in our country ...willing to join and contribute ,,,,,,
Kindly mail me your views on my personal mail [email protected]
Regards .
Col PS Bhatnagar,Director ,Pacific University , Udaipur.
Mob -09672978116