The CBSE Class XII Date sheet puts candidates with Biology at a huge disadvantage compared to candidates who do not have Biology.

While those without Biology get 8 days to prepare for the Mathematics paper, those with Biology get only 4 days to prepare for Mathematics and only 3 days to prepare for Biology since the Biology paper has been put between Chemistry and Mathematics.

With 40% weightage being given to the Board exams for entrance into Engineering, the candidates with Biology will be at a definite disadvantage compared to those without Biology.

All concerned should write in to the Chairman CBSE ([email protected]) and Controller of Examinations([email protected]) requesting them to shift the Biology exam date to after March 25, 2013 (ie after the PE exams)

Please also tell your friends to write to the CBSE. If a majority puts in their request (and the grounds are very valid) the Board will listen.