I have got all A1s in my X standard FAs exept for one A2 in maths. And also, in SA1 I have got all A1s and an A2 in maths and Hindi. Now, I have a problem-I can get A1 in maths in SA2 because I have improved and I can also get A1 in all the other subjects...except Hindi. I am pretty sure that I'll get an A2 in it.

So..what I've got in Hindi looks like this-
FA1-9.2 (A1)
SA2- I can surely get an A2. That is I can get above 70 but I don't think I am capable of getting above 80 in Hindi.

So, assuming that I'll get an A2 in Hindi in SA2 will my overall grade be A2 or B1????? It's okay if I get A2 because then It'll be UPGRADED to A1 which still means that I can get 10 CGPA. I just want to know if my overall Hindi grade will be A2 or B1...(Some people told me that it might be B1 because I got very marginal A2s in Hindi).

So,..If I get an A1 in maths in SA and A2 in Hindi in SA will I be able to get 10 CGPA WITH upgradations?