I had opted for mathematics as my 5th subject with PCBE in class XI. I haven't been good at maths, so I had decided not to opt for maths in class 12th, but family pressure made opt it. But later I performed horribly in uts and half yearlies as I had no time for it due PCB. it was only after the registration forms were submitted that my famliy realized that mathematics was a curse for me. I enquired the concerned authorities but they said that I could only change maths in beginning of class 12th, I passed 11th now, but when I approached the incharge, she said that there have been amendment to the the cbse rules and no one can change subjects in class 12th. so I wanted to enquire if that is true or not, I cannot afford to study maths while I am concentrating my time on PCB. If there is any way I can get rid of it, please , please tell me.

Thank you.