Couldn't give theory papers XII CBSE board. What are my options now?
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Couldn't give theory papers XII CBSE board. What are my options now?

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    Couldn't give theory papers XII CBSE board. What are my options now?

    I appeared for the CBSE Board Practical Exam of Std. XII, ( for the subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science) this year .
    However, I was unable to give the five theory papers of the CBSE Board Exam.

    It would be very kind of you to clarify my following doubts and queries:
    1. Can I appear as a private candidate for XII CBSE Board Exam next year (i.e. 2014) ?
    2. What is the procedure and eligibility criteria to apply as a private candidate ?
    3. Can I give the Board Exam as a private candidate for the same five subjects that I opted to appear for this year
    (i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Computer Science)?
    4. If I appear for the above said five subjects as a private candidate, will I have to reappear for the Board Practicals for three subjects ( Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science) or will the marks that I obtained in this year's XII Board Practical Exam be carried forward for the next year?
    5. If I will be required to reappear for the Practical Exams next year, what will I have to do regarding the Practical Journal and Project Work ( as in the case of Physics and Chemistry) and the Record File and Project Work ( in case of Computer Science) because if I appear as I private candidate, I will not be attending regular school then how will I be able to maintain Practical Journals?
    6. Will I be eligible to appear in the JEE ( Mains ) and JEE ( Advanced ) if I appear for the Board Exam as a private candidate?
    7. Is there any difference between giving the exam as a private candidate and a regular candidate in terms of exam dates, exam papers, results, etc?

    I am really very worried.
    I would really be very grateful to have my doubts clarified by you at the earliest.

    Thank You.

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    1. Yes you are eligible for Private Examination 2014.
    2. Only those candidates who either failed in any subject or got compartment are eligible for the private examination. You need to visit your nearest Syndicate Bank to get the form OR you can also get the form from any CBSE Affiliated School/College/Institute.
    3. Yes you can.
    4. Your previous year Practical marks will be carry forward. You need to pay 40rs for each practical if you wish to retain your previous year practical marks. If you have 3 practicals then you have to pay 120rs (40rs each).
    5. Since you already gave your practicals, so no need to give practical exam again.
    6. You will be eligible for both JEE Mains and IIT and other entrance exams as well.
    7. No difference at all.

    Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Best of luck!

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    How many chance i get in JEE(MAINS) & ADVANCED if i appear 1st time as a private candidate? I appeared one time this year(2013) in JEE(MAINS) exam, please guide me that how many chances i have to crack IIT-JEE?

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