Dear Sir,

My son has got 85% in II year IPE exams(over all) in Andhra Pradesh and has been qualified in JEE mains exams.Will he be eligible to join IITs if he gets qualified in JEE advanced?
Means-- Does he come under top 20 percentile of Andhra Pradesh??? What is the top 20 percentile cut off in Andhra Pradesh??? Please tell us.. WE are very much worried about this..

If he writes the improvement exams in II year IPE for all the subjects--including practicals with the supplementary students which is to be held from May 22nd on wards,
and gets 95% in II year IPE
will that be considered for top 20 percentile eligibility
or will the first exam marks be considered???

Please clarify the above doubt as early as possible...Sir.
Because, if the second exams marks are not considered for top 20 percentile eligibility, then it is not worth writing that...Instead he can concentrate on other competitive exams..

Vishalini Divakar
AP, Fept.of ECE, KSIT, Bangalore