Hey, I'm currently in 12th,giving the boards, but somehow my physics paper didn't go well, i got tensed and couldn't complete it so i wouldn't be getting an average score(50 or above),as I wanted to give the Main and Advanced , i would have to give improvement test, so should i give test in all the subjects ? Excluding ADDITIONAL,right? And marks of all the paper will be counted best of the two i gave in 2013 and 2014 ? Like i got 95 in maths now and 94 next year , and in English i got 85 now and 91 next year , so would 94 from maths and 91 from English would be counted right ? And the improvement test is difficult or the same as BOARDS? And I could give the 2014 Main and Advanced after giving the test, i mean the marks of improvement will be counted right? So should I take test privately or join a school , as it won't be necessary i guess