the CCE now appears to be the most abused too in the system. Apparently one bad system has simply been replaced by another!
the worst link in the chain are the formative assessments:

i) teachers choose the minimum number and type of tools that suit them.This makes it hard for students to perform to their capacity and ability.The board should have insisted at each FA a new combinations of tools be used with no repetition through the year. this would lead to better assessments.

ii) with the idea of reducing workload, many schools have accepted the idea of three tools. with the combination of the above mentioned issue, it further deters students from scoring well. perhaps a set of 5 tools and best three might mitigate the situation.

iii) teachers have absolutely no training in utilization many of the tools so the interpretation of the tools ranges from poor to absurd.

iv) despite suggestions from the board to supervise and assist all project based tools in school, these are conveniently asked to be done at home. This leads to malpractices that affects assessments.
wonder what teachers opinions are?