Correction of name in 10th and 12th certificates
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Correction of name in 10th and 12th certificates

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    Correction of name in 10th and 12th certificates


    I am Sushant and i am working in an IT MNC. I cleared 10th exam in 2004 and 12th in 2006. My query is regarding correction in my name on the CBSE certificates. My full name is not written in the certificates and due to this problem, my college degree is also having my first name only. Somehow, i managed to get a passport on my full name - Sushant Chopra.

    But all my academic certificates, 10th certi, 12th certi, college degree, etc, are having my first name - Sushant.

    Till now there have not been much problems related to this, but i am planning to apply for a VISA and i think, this will cause an issue in my VISA processing. Could you please help me understand the process to get my name changed in my certificates?

    Once CBSE certificates are corrected, i will start working on correcting my degree certificate.

    Please help.

    Thanks, Sush

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    You have to go to regional office for the correction in your certificates.

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