What are the names of foundation Courses in DU?
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What are the names of foundation Courses in DU?

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    What are the names of foundation Courses in DU?

    basically i want to join foundation Courses in Delhi university so any one can tell me the list of foundation Courses

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    A. (a) Courses
    1. Language, Literature, and Creativity –I (Hindi /MIL /Sanskrit /Arabic /Persian / Indian Literature)
    2. Language, Literature, and Creativity –II (English)
    3. Information Technology
    4. Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management
    5. Governance and Citizenship
    6. Philosophy, Psychology, Communication and Life Skills
    7. Geographic and Socio-Economic Diversity
    8. Science and Life
    9. Indian History and Culture
    10. Building Mathematical Ability
    11. Environment and Public Health
    (b) Applied Course – Language (Hindi/ English)

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