I had 5 main subjects(English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, C++) and ! additional subject(Physical Education). Unfortunately I failed it Physics theory paper but over-all got passed because of Physical Education. Now I know that I cannot go for engineering in this case so I want to ask that is there any way that I can improve my marks in this year only?

What I have read till yet(don't exactly know if I am right!) is that I may be able to give a compartment exam of Physics theory on 16 July this year and then those marks will replace my previous marks and then if I pass it then I can appear in B.Tech counselling etc.

Please provide a detailed procedure and forms to be filled too if possible. Its really important and I don't have much time left so please reply as fast as possible because last date of submission of form is 21 June which means that I need to submit my form to my school 1 week before, for which I am already late!