My Kid completed 1st class form Andhrapradesh state board and looking for change to CBSC for 2nd class.
DOB is 21-06-2007. But as per the CBSC cut of date is May-31. So he is short of 21 days. Due to this factor the school is recomended for 1st class. But Already he completed 1st class in state board. I don't want to waste one year for my kid. He is sharp and scored 18/20 entrance test in the CBSC school.

I need a help is ther any age relaxation for CBSC for this kind of issues. Just for 21 days, he has to waste one year. This is meaning less. So I am requesting all is there any option in CBSC or do you know any cases like that to got solutions. Or any help or suggestion is recomended.

I want o join my kind is 2nd class. Please help me.