Top IAS coaching Institutes for best preparation?
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Top IAS coaching Institutes for best preparation?

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    Top IAS coaching Institutes for best preparation?

    Can any body tell about the tip for preparation for IAS? And how to select the proper training institute for the preparation of IAS

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    IAS is the top competitive exam through one can work as in civil services. Teachwell is the leading institute through you can get the maximum advantage to clear such exam.

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    Here are few tip for preparation for IAS

    It is important to put your full efforts in preparation.
    The style of syllabus in both Papers is different and accordingly your preparation strategy should also be adjusted.
    Create a study schedule and adhere to it
    Prepare a chart/diagram for Paper I that will help you understand the interlinking of the topics and make remembering them a lot easier
    Write short notes point-wise for important topics to help you prepare
    Use flash-cards to remember definitions
    Current affairs are very important so it is necessary to stay updated with Newspapers, magazines and the internet
    Focus on important events that have occurred over the past 5 years
    Study the political science, economics and history portions from Class 10th and Class 12th books but don't spend too much time going in detail
    To prepare for Paper II it is important to remember that all concepts are based from Class 10th
    Revise mathematics and English Grammar from your Class 10th books
    Solve previous year paper so that you are familiar to the kind of questions asked in the exam.
    Always time yourself while solving sample papers to improve on your speed.
    Widen your reading to help with English Comprehension
    Solve puzzles to help with logical thinking
    General Studies is a topic that is not easily exhausted; it is important to keep updating your knowledge throughout

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