I gave my CBSE Boards for 12th in 2012, in which I got compartment in one subject which I cleared in the same year. But somehow, I was not satisfied with that 'C' mark on my marksheet depicting my supplementary. I took a drop next year but didn't applied for CBSE Improvement Exam (which proved to be my big blunder). My question is -
1.) Can I give CBSE Improvement Exam in 2014 (which is not the consecutive year of my passing) ?
2.) Or can I give CBSE Private Exam ? If I give private exam do I have to give it for all subjects or can I give it for only one subject and for rest of the subjects my previous marks will be counted ?
3.) Can I give Improvement Exam / Private Exam simultaneously by taking admission in any college or do I have to take a drop this year too ?