I want to have a career in development and creation of new technologies and devices (preferably for medicinal purposes). Kind of like Bio-engineering and nanotechnology combined.I am about to complete high school with Non-medical.People have got me quite confused about what should I do now.I searched around and looked up courses like Biotechnology,bio-engineering,engineering physics,bio-medical engineering.I thought these courses might be related to what I want to do.But I asked a couple of people they suggested that I take come core subjects like physics and/or computer science.They will get me in a strong position for any graduate program.They said courses like bio-engineering and engineering physics expose the students to a lot of topics,but they don't specialize in any particular one.now I am confused as to what should I do.Should I take courses like Biotechnology,engineering physics etc. or the common ones like computer science,physics.Given my interests and knowledge please advice me about the best UG programs for me.