Jobs for ECE students in Embedded domain
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Jobs for ECE students in Embedded domain

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    Jobs for ECE students in Embedded domain


    I am Student of a reputed college of india (NIT). I am researching for job in embedded systems but still didn't find any company that take freshers..and give decent salary... I am very well aware of the fact that fresher don't have much knowledge about this field.
    Almost all companies want to take experienced candidates and not freshers.....
    I wonder now, that how would i get job in embedded systems .... pl if anybody have idea about it then reply...

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    Why you are worry ??? There are number of jobs for embedded. There are number of companies. One thing I will suggest you , First take paid training , they will provide you experience, and after that you will easily get the job. All the best.

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    All the hardware companies big and small should have jobs related to embedded systems. Try Samsung, Siemens etc. and there are plenty of small companies out there doing Embedded systems work.

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