my daughter pass 10th cbse in march 12, and she get admission in Gseb 11th science in other city, at that time our cbse school issue migration certificate that i submitted to 11th science gseb school. due to illness she came back again at home within four month and join same school of cbse in 11th science and pass the exam of 11th science in group A. now presently she again study in 11th science in group B in other city in other school in GSEB, now both previous school not issue migration certificate to my daughter.
three question i want to ask
1) can i get migration certificate directly apply to ajmer region office without involving school?
2) can we apply for migration certi after completion of 11th science?
3) which migration certificate is be validate? issue after 10th? or issue after 11th?( she pass 11th science in A group and she is now studied in 11th science again in B group?