My queries are :-

1) I want to give the cbse improvement exams as i know i can do way better than what i got this year , so will i be giving the exams somewhere else than last year or with my school in the same venue ?

2) Do i need to give all the 5 exams again , coz i only want to give PCM , i am studying for jee advanced so is it necessary to appear for all , coz its really not possible to study english and p.ed after 1 year of gap ( but still if i have to i'll do it ) ( its just that im out of touch and focusing solely for iit ) ?

3) Suppose i give the exams and get less in eng and p.ed than last year for some reason , will the better score be counted or only the improvement ones ?

4) And if i have a query i want to clear about all this ( cbse related ) where do i go or ask ? ( not like a forum or blog ) do i go to the cbse office ( which is 30 mins from where i live ) or the site ?

5) And rumours are doing rounds that next year iit bombay is conducting the test so they will be making it subjective type rather than mcq , and the other one is that the new HRD minister wants to restore the old AIEEE and IITJEE like in 2012 , can u call true or false in both of these ?

6) And is there a site where i can get FAQ's like these answered like cbse sites , i didnt find anything for cbse improvement in iit delhi site for this year JEE Advanced ?

Do reply quickly .