What should I do in my career having passed 12th and age 24?
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What should I do in my career having passed 12th and age 24?

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    What should I do in my career having passed 12th and age 24?

    i am nitin yadav living in delhi, i have passed 12th in 2007 and now my age is 24. my family condition is not so good. i have spent 4 years in engineering but could not get success and finally decided to quit it. then i prepare for government service exam and pass 5 written exams but rejected in skill test. sir, i thinked about socided. is there any option left in my life.

    I have complete my 12th class in 2007 with 72% marks sir family problem of querriling is very cucial since my child hood. i have left my B-tech degree 2 years before. and i have lost my mental ability and concentration. sir i am in huge depression and thinking about socide. is there any other option remains in my life. i fell very same when i meet with my friends as they have completed post graduation and i am only 12th pass.

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    You have one option.
    Go for graduation in BA or BCA (or in any field) through distance education. Join one IT short term course, which is certified well.
    Complete the course and join the office.

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    Henry Ford once said that “If you think you can, or if you think you can't, either way you are right.” Henry Ford developed Ford Motor Company and had less than 1 year of formal schooling. We are limited only by what we choose to allow ourselves to be limited by. If you believe that you have no options left, then you are right. If you refuse to be limited and know within that you have options; you are also right. Either way, your life, is designed by the power of your choices and the directions you decide to go. Life goes to those who go and find the circumstances they desire, and if you can't find those circumstances, make them.

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