My brother (Abhishek) took admission in a Kendriya Vidyalaya(Chandigarh) in class X (2011). My father's full name is Daljit Singh Walia. While taking admission and Tranfer in his previous school he entered father's name by mistake as D S Walia, while all other documents have father's name as Daljit Singh only(including birth certificate). Now when he got his transfer certificate two years back from the previous school, they mentioned father's name in the TC as D S Walia. Because of this his new school also issued him a TC after passing class X with the wrong version of father's name. Although CBSE and all other documents have the correct version of the name(Daljit Singh) only. Now he is in class XII and would passout next year. The current school(same as X) is not agreeing to issue TC with the correct version of father's name. We have spoken to the previous school, but they are not ready to help. Also the existing school is not willing to change unless the previous school gives either a new TC or a letter. My brother is very tensed because of all this. Also, note that his CBSE registration was done in the previous school only ( They should've checked the records before doing the registration). Can you help me in regards to this situation? Would be grateful to you. Thanks & Regards, Richa