A female child studied in 3rd standard and promoted to the 4th standard in a CBSE school in KERALA. She moved to Bangalore this year along with her
mother due to a family confrontation between father and mother. Now to get admitted in any school at Bangalore, she need a Transfer Certificate. But,
the Kerala school refuses to issue the TC saying that the father is objecting. Father is not having any job and staying in a Lodge behaving badly. He is
unable to keep the child. Therefore, the child is under the care and custody of mother at Bangalore. Under such circumstances, why the school should
prevent the education of the child by withholding the TC. Under RTE act,2009, non issuing of TC is an offense and necessary disciplinary action can be
initiated on the School Head. What is the guidelines from CBSE in this regard ? Can we take a legal action against the School Head as well as on CBSE ?