Will my 11th grade results affect my 12th grade results in any way?
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Will my 11th grade results affect my 12th grade results in any way?

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    Will my 11th grade results affect my 12th grade results in any way?

    Respected Sir/Mam
    Due to some health issues I discontinued my studies for a few months. I am an 11th grade student. I really don't want to waste a year now. A school has offered me admission and the registration for board exam...but I am a bit confused. Will the 11th grade final exam have like the whole portion???
    If so, My 11th grade results will not really be upto the mark given that I was 5 months late and that I missed half my portion. So, will my 11th grade results affect my 12th grade results??
    Long thing short, what happens if I pass the 11th grade exams with not very good results??

    Please help me.
    Thank you.

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    Class 11th and class 12th are two different things altogether. School results are not like college education in which your final aggregate is marked on the basis of all 3 (or 4) years of graduation.
    Final term exams usually include full syllabus. But it depends on the school also. You should check with your school what will be the syllabus for the final exams of class 11th. In any case, even if you have missed out on 5 months of your education, you can always put in a little extra effort and cover up your syllabus. It is important that you do not accept defeat in the beginning itself but rather, push yourself a little harder.
    Even if your score doesn't turn out to be good enough in class 11, you should not worry about class 11 result affecting your class 12 result. you can study very hard in class 12 and then score good marks in your exams. Class 11 result will not have any influence on class 12 result. it is all about how much effort and hard work you are willing to put in.
    All the best

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