Options after 12th standard in Humanities
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Options after 12th standard in Humanities

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    Options after 12th standard in Humanities

    I am a humanities student in 12th. I am utterly confused about what to pursue in college. One of the options I came across was psychology but the job prospects in psychology seem to be less in number in India. I also have an inclination towards music & am pretty confident upon my singing but again I am confused about how to pursue it. Music isn't a reliable field , therefore I am confused about what to do after my boards.
    Please Help me out ! I am running short of time and I certainly have very less options!
    Please help!!

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    rajshreesingh's Avatar
    You can go for Liberal arts program. Lot of subjects covered in to broad spectrum of Liberal arts. You can find details on the college website;

    Liberal arts courses prepare foundation for any kind of job, as it improves communication and writing skills of students. It helps you groom your personality.

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