Investigatory project ideas related to chemistry for 12th standard
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Investigatory project ideas related to chemistry for 12th standard

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    Investigatory project ideas related to chemistry for 12th standard

    I'm looking for investigatory projects related to chemistry on 12th standard, help me to suggest me some topics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by payal View Post
    I'm looking for investigatory projects related to chemistry on 12th standard, help me to suggest me some topics.
    Here are some of the chemistry project ideas you are looking for:

    Make Your Own pH Paper
    From Dull to Dazzling: Using Pennies to Test How pH Affects Copper Corrosion
    Potions and Lotions: Lessons in Cosmetic Chemistry
    How Fast Does an Alka-Seltzer® Tablet Make Gas?
    Can You Change the Rate of a Chemical Reaction by Changing the Particle Size of the Reactants?
    Race Your Marbles to Discover a Liquid's Viscosity
    Just Keep Cool—How Evaporation Affects Heating and Cooling
    Cold Pack Chemistry: Where Does the Heat Go
    Scintillating Scents: The Science of Making Perfume
    Rocketology: Baking Soda + Vinegar = Lift Off!
    Polymer Absorbance: A Swell Project
    Saturated Solutions: Measuring Solubility
    The Chemistry of Hair Highlights
    Electrolyte Challenge: Orange Juice vs. Sports Drink
    Bring on the Heat! Investigating Exothermic Reaction Rates
    Get the Lead Out: Explore the Effects of pH on Lead Testing.
    How Do You Get Heat from a Supercooled Solution? Explore the Chemistry Within Hand Warmers
    Solar-powered Chemistry: Study Chemical Reaction Rates in Ultraviolet Beads
    Got Iron? Use a Color-based Test to Measure the Concentration of Iron in Water
    Investigate the Kinetics of the Amazing Iodine Clock Reaction
    Put Some Energy Into It! Use a Calorimeter to Measure the Heat Capacity of Water
    Presto! From Black to Clear with the Magic of Photochemistry
    The Chemistry of Clean: Make Your Own Soap to Study Soap Synthesis
    Water to Fuel to Water: The Fuel Cycle of the Future
    More Solubility Ideas
    Measuring the Amount of Acid in Vinegar by Titration with an Indicator Solution
    Do Oranges Lose or Gain Vitamin C After Being Picked?
    Charles's Law: Volume vs. Temperature of a Gas at Constant Pressure
    Saturated Solutions: Measuring Solubility
    Measure Luminescence in Glow-in-the-Dark Objects
    Study Chirality with a Homemade Polarimeter
    Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray: Studying the Chemistry and Physics of a Small Explosion
    Analyze This! Make a Colorimeter to Measure the Concentration of Blue Dye in Various Liquids.
    Crime Scene Chemistry—The Cool Blue Light of Luminol
    Salt Bridge Over Electrified Waters: How Electricity Changes pH
    Minds of Their Own: A Chemical Reaction that Changes, then Changes Back!
    Create Your Own Chemistry Color-analysis Tools
    A Silver-Cleaning Battery
    Measuring Enzyme Activity: Yeast Catalase
    Boyle's Law: Pressure vs. Volume of a Gas at Constant Temperature
    To Study the Adulteration in Food
    To Study the Setting of Cement
    To Determine which Antacid could Neutralize the most Stomach Acid
    To study the presence of Insecticides and Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables
    Study the Quantity of Casein Present in Milk
    Extraction of Essential Oil from Aniseed (Saunf)
    Saturated Solutions: Measuring Solubility
    Effect of Temperature on Volume of a Gas
    Acid Content in the Various Samples of Tea Leaves
    Chemistry Project on Environmental Chemistry
    Determination Of The Contents Of Cold Drinks.
    Sterilization of water using bleaching powder.
    Preparation of Potash Alum from Scrap Aluminum.
    To Measure Amount of Acetic Acid In Vinegar by Titration.
    Project on “Essential Oils (MIT)”
    Project on “How to make Aspirin”
    Theoretical Project on “Spectroscopy”
    Determining the Amount of Caffeine in Various Indian Tea Samples
    Study the Diffusion of Solids in Liquids
    To prepare a sample of cuprammonium rayon threads from filter paper
    Variation of Conductance with Temperature in Electrolytes
    What is the best way to keep the fizz in an opened carbonated soft drink?
    Find and test a non-toxic antifreeze.
    Study the toxicity of energy drinks.
    Measure the toxicity of silver-mercury amalgam fillings.
    Determine which type of invisible ink is the most invisible.
    Measure crystal growth rate as a function of temperature.
    Which pesticide is most effective against cockroaches? ants? fleas? Is it the same chemical? Which pesticide is safest for use around food? Which is friendliest to the environment?
    Test products for impurities.
    Which sunless tanning product produces the most realistic-looking tan?
    Which brand of disposable contact lenses last the longest before a person decides to switch them out?
    Formulate a non-toxic or biodegradable ink.
    Test the efficiency of different shapes of fan blades.
    Can bath water be used for watering plants or the garden?
    Can you tell how much biodiversity is in a water sample by how murky the water is?
    Study the effect of landscaping on a building's energy consumption.
    Determine whether ethanol really does burn more cleanly than gasoline.
    Is there a correlation between attendance and GPA? Is there a correlation between how close to the front of the classroom a student sits and GPA?
    Compare the wet strength of different brands of paper towels.
    Which method of cooking destroys the most bacteria?
    Are hybrid cars really more energy efficient than gas or diesel-powered cars?
    Which disinfectant kills the most bacteria? Which disinfectant is safest to use?

    A number of projects are already available on websites (like

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    the above are some supercool ideas for my upcoming chemistry in. pro.... thnx a tonne for these sir

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    Stay tuned for more!

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