Hello There,

I am a consultant in the Education field.Right now researching on the scenario of "How providing parents with a mobile App which can track all the activities of their children (Marks, Home Work, Exams, Notice etc) will make things easy for both the school as well as Parents?"

What i have noticed over the years is that, the lil students of schools are not able to keep their parents updated with all the happenings (PTA meetings, Exams approaching, Homework given, sports day participations etc.)They are too busy with their own world to inform their parents about the School activities (Half of the time, they themselves do not know whats happening).

I would like to know the view point of Parents, School Principals, Students, School Teacher or just anyone who wishes to ponder over this point.

Let me know, will it help you? If you had an App in your mobile phone through which , all the above mentioned things can be made seamless.