Team Management – Do’s and Don’ts
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Team Management – Do’s and Don’ts

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    Team Management – Do’s and Don’ts

    A leader is expected to lead the team into success through building an environment that stretches and yet encouraging growth.

    In a recent study by TowersWatson, an international HR consulting firm, fewer than 21 percent of employees surveyed described themselves as "highly engaged," down from 31 percent in 2009. 8 percent admitted to being fully disengaged.

    When your talented employees are engaged, they are able to perform spectacularly and build and improve your business.

    Here we have shortlisted a few do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind while handling and managing your team:

    Do’s while handling a team
    · Identify Your Goals:
    -Set daily or weekly targets your team must meet.
    -Use sticky notes, make a checklist and paste them on the pin board next to your work station.
    -Review your list frequently; keep revising it from time to time.
    Know Your Team:
    -Know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member to balance the productivity of your team.
    Interact with Team Members
    -Regular one-on-one meetings are critical and are important aspect in managing your team well.
    -Often sit with your team members, in case they are not performing well know what is the disturbing them etc.
    Give feedback on Performance:
    - Discuss the previous week’s deliverables; including what went well, what areas require improvement for next time and how that improvement might be obtained.
    Jot Down Minutes of the Meeting:
    -Ask your team members to jot down minutes and then circulate the same with everyone in the team
    -Very important practice, tells you what is supposed to be done and what is the way forward.
    Ask for ideas:
    - Ask your team members to come up with newer and fresher ideas from time to time.
    - Rotate a mail amongst the members asking them to provide great innovative ideas and the one giving the best idea can be rewarded in some form.
    -Motivation is the key for continuing results.
    -Ask them what motivates enough for doing the job well
    -Hold sessions for them, site examples etc.
    Reward Performance:
    - Recognition is an effective tool. If you have the authority, give your team mate a half day.
    - Incentive is also a good option in providing recognition to the students

    Don’ts’s while handling a team:
    · Don't reprimand
    -Don’t hurt any team member in front of other members
    -Discuss the issue personally

    · Avoid Long Hours at Work
    - As managers; you might have certain benefits or incentives which the company provides. Don’t forget that you need to maintain a balance in your personal and professional life.
    -Come on time, leave on time
    Don’t Get Angry
    -People can commit mistakes, they are humans
    -Explain the team mates in a sober and polite way

    · Don’t Bully Your Team
    -If the work has been assigned to any of your team mate, let them receive the credit for the same.
    - Don’t hide too many things from your team mates, involve them let them know the vision of the company where it is heading etc.

    Be the LEADER!

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    New York
    I believe that leaders are made, not born. The good news is that anyone can learn to be a strong leader regardless of where they are currently. Many people believe that someone should be a manager just because they have been on the job longer or know more than someone else. The reality is that leadership has nothing to do with how long someone has been doing a job or what they know about the job. Of course management should know enough to manage the tasks, but the reality of management is that a strong leader is able to lead. This means that they set an example, and are the type of person that others want to follow. These traits come from within and can be learned. It doesn't matter how good you are at a job, how much you know, or how long you have been doing the job if you do not have the ability to get other people to follow you.

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    True! Team management is definitely a difficult job as it tests your leadership skills. It is all about making motivating your team achieve a target by strategizing various tasks. Whoever plays the role of team manager should always promote unity among members as this helps to built the trust and makes the team to prosper.

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