What is the easiest way to pass CBSE XII Board?
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What is the easiest way to pass CBSE XII Board?

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    What is the easiest way to pass CBSE XII Board?

    Hello friends, I took science [Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Painting] and first appeared in CBSE XII Board in 2012, but got failed in all the three main (PCM) subjects. Then I filled the form as a Private Candidate for CBSE XII Board in 2013 but didn't appeared in any single one of them. Now this third time, I again filled the form as a Private Candidate for CBSE XII Board to be held in 2014 but there were chances for my father to appear in court to explain the reason behind my absence in 2013. I scored 9.2 in my X Board, but after, I suffered from PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, OCD, etc. after my brother's death for about 4 years; and these are the reason behind my bad academic performance. Only until less than a month ago, my doctor, a cardiologist (physician), not a psychiatrist, prescribed me some drugs for 4 months.

    Since, my mind is VERY DULL right now, (due to 0.5 mg clonazepam) I've decided to take the easiest way out. So, here's my plan - [Since, Mathematics' Compartmental are hardest] I'll keep analyzing mathematical problems from R. S. Aggarwal, and keep solving problems from Exam Idea (Mathematics) till the end of February. I'm sure that then I will pass Mathematics, English, and obviously, Painting; But I will attend Chemistry and Physics exams too to avoid any further judicial inquiry. So, when the result will come, I will fill up the forms for Physics and Chemistry Compartmental exams to be held in July/August; but till then, I will study only Chemistry and will give both exams. Then, after passing Chemistry's Compartmental, I will fill the forms for Physics Compartmental to be held sometime around march. My parents know through what I've suffered and now they are very happy to see me study so hard.

    So, my question is, will CBSE allow a Private Candidate, appearing second time, (third time overall) to fill forms for the compartmental twice? What would be the procedures for filling these forms? Please reply.

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    I can understand your situation and I would suggest you to utilize your time in the best way. No matter what your situation is, you can pass only if you study, but you can definitely narrow down the syllabus. Just read only important topics. Take the help of your teachers or a mentor to note down the most important topics from exam perspective and study them. Also, practice with sample papers and question-answers. Go through the last year papers and get an idea of the important topics.

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    You should learn everyday ! study and work veryyyyy hard !
    Study atleast 5 hours a day and that too you should study 3 subjects each day !
    enjoy studying and pray for the best !

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