Result of Revaluation of NIOS On-demand exam
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Result of Revaluation of NIOS On-demand exam

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    Result of Revaluation of NIOS On-demand exam

    Sir , I had sent the revaluation form for 12th physics on demand paper on 15th of November 2013 . I have contacted the nios butin turn they said that the result will be declared by the regional centre. On contacting the regional centre they say that the result willl be declared online. Sir I would like to know generally what amount of time does it take for getting revaluation result . Also I would like to know where in the site they show on demand revaluation result .

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    Hello Shankul,

    I am in the same situation as you. My exams (odes) went very well and I expected above 80% in all subjects. But I got 43 and 45 in two subjects, which is impossible. I am thinking to apply for Re-evaluation.

    Please tell me if re-evaluation increased your score? Please tell me your experience. I need help urgently! Thankss

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