Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) is a not-for-profit organization registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act. We aim to build a substantive and purposeful engagement with various establishments in the country and engage the youth in a movement to further strengthen accountable governance in India. CAG provides a platform where masses, and more specifically youth of this country are able to connect directly with the political leadership of this country.

In this endeavor, CAG is supported by a volunteer base of over 1 million. We are developing an elite team of talented young professionals who would primarily be engaged in monitoring and managing these volunteers for a short term (3-4 months). This experience would be helpful as it would provide a first-hand experience of managing teams; a quality looked for in every MBA graduate.

If interested, please visit send your resume to

To know more about CAG, kindly visit our website at www(dot)indiancag(dot)org.