I am studying in 9th cbse school,I was very much absent in this whole session because of my illness,many times my father has received note’s on absenty from school and we have also explained to school about my illness.i m very weak in maths,in SA1 I had given 2 maths retest but still failed.problem is that soon I will be having my finals but my class teacher said if ur attendance is not above 75% I would not be allowed to sit.is that possible?i have given all my medical reports still they say this.it has not been counted yet but I think my attendance is below 75%.today princi called me and said that u need to improve in maths because I m sure you will fail this time and I will detain you.is that possible?i know in order to pass you need 33% in each subject and I m sure I will get them even I will pass in maths but with low marks.but I m worried about princi as he said that he will surely detain me.can he do this?