Most students are befuddled after their 12th board exams about what line of education to pursue. One has to remember that the world is changing faster than ever. By the time the student spends 4 - 5 years pursuing a standard bachelor's degree course, one realises that the technology has changed and the student then has to relearn and spend more time either training on the job at the employer's expense or change his / her field which nullifies the reason for spending time and money on doing that course in the first place!

The most advantageous route for a student then is to do 3 - 4 different courses over a period of 3 - 4 years and then decide which is the one best suited for the student's skills and talent. This trial and error method can prevent a lot of frustration in later lives spent doing a line of work that the student decided on a whim when he / she was in his / her teens and which he realises that he has no interest or inclination for.

One of the short term courses that students can pursue are in the world of Media. There are ample courses available from various local institutes. Music Production is an excellent field that students who have an affinity for the world of recorded music must aspire to learn. Music production institutes in India aim to teach students with short term courses on how to create recorded music on a computers with the help of midi and sound libraries and software sequencers. Armed with this knowledge students can create songs and background music and find employment in films, musicals, television and radio.