Rudraksh Group Chandigarh is dedicated with a holistic approach towards creating a global platform for students to find themselves in reputed places studded across the globe. Our main objective lies in aiding every student in multifarious dimensions which include global admission procedures, counseling, immigration assistance and training facilities for career goals.
Rudraksh immigration has made its mark as one of the pioneers of immigration assistance services for students who dream of studying abroad. We are also honored to be renowned as the most reliable enterprise for immigration of businessmen and tourists. Rudraksh Group overseas solution is determined to create an easy pathway for every soul nurturing dreams of travelling to a foreign land. We, apart from our renowned credibility, boast of a widest range of services which help individuals give shape to their dreams and realize the opportunities that lie ahead in the global arena.
IELTS & TOEFL COACHING: Rudraksh Group overseas solution puts their best step forward to train aspiring global Indian students to crack the IELTS & TOEFL examinations which form the benchmark for admission in most international institutes. We boast of a training facility which has global standards of academic approach that aid students in prospering on their path towards success.
SPOKEN ENGLISH: Rudraksh Immigration is well aware of the need of English as a medium of communication in foreign lands. Aspiring students as well as immigrants are trained in a highly interactive environment to sow the seeds of supreme standards of spoken English.
PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT COURSE: A good personality and a smart attitude are necessary for success in the present times of globalization. Rudraksh Group Chandigarh provides you the best guidance through exclusive personality development courses that ensure success on every platform.
FRENCH LANGUAGE LEARNING: French is among the most spoken languages in the world. It is always considered an added incentive to be able to speak an extra global language. Rudraksh Group Chandigarh brings you that opportunity to add extra marks of credibility to your CV.
CALL CENTER TRAINING: Call centers are a rage in today’s time and Rudraksh Group Chandigarh provides you just what you need to become a proven expert in a call center. Best quality professional training coupled with practical industrial indulgence gives premium opportunities to the aspirants.
GROUP DISCUSSION TRAINING: Expertise in group discussion can land you the most coveted jobs in the industry. Rudraksh Group Chandigarh trains you with the tricks which make you an expert in group discussions through interactive sessions in a competitive environment.
ACCENT LEARNING: Rudraksh Immigration stresses not only on quality spoken English but also impeccable global accent in the language. We provide you the platform to learn the exquisite English accent which forms the quintessential element for success in today’s times.
INTERVIEW PREPARATION: Interviews get you jobs. Rudraksh Group overseas solution helps you in interviews. We train job aspirants to crack the toughest of interviews to bag the best jobs in the market through sublime skills and methods that win over recruiters hands down.
Rudraksh Immigration is determined to fulfill dreams and offer the best opportunities to students set to realize their dreams of a bright career. We feel immense pride in being capable architects of realizing innumerable dreams and give shape to lustrous careers across the globe.