Please bear with me. I should have ideally passed class 12th in the year 2012. I had been utterly unambitious. I scored 92% in my class 10 ICSE boards exam. My father sent me to a odisha-board residential school to continue my higher school studies and I failed to cope up with being away from home . I became rebellious and refused to attend any classes. They had to send me home after two months. My parents were not very happy to see me back, but, they got me admitted into a nearby reputed school, following CBSE curicculum. Now, when I joined the classes, towards the end of the year, Physics was all vectors and calculus, Chemistry was all orbitals and unfamiliar concepts. My basics sucked and I panicked without acting. I chose to take up drugs, skipped my classes and got involved with people who were pessimists like I. I did not open up the truth to my parents and that perhaps was the single biggest mistake of my life. I naturally failed in my class 11th, but, my class teacher said that the school would pass me, but, I need to smarten up. My instinct was to start 11th afresh, but, my friends from old days convinced me otherwise and that was my second mistake. Rote method never worked for me. Class 12th went the same way. I failed my class 12th boards for the first time in the year of 2012. I failed again the next year, 2013. By this time, I was the black sheep of the family. For the year 2013-2014, in the last couple of months, I became a bit regular in life and I was also tired of living so uncreatively. I might have never had changed without a couple of inspiring teachers I met in these months. I managed to write my PCM papers with half preparations, the first half of all subjects. There was so less time and I had not held a book since a long time, and, I must confess I liked resuming my studies. I am certain that I will pass this time and I loved studying after all these times. I want to do btech, but, I am not familiar with half of the entire syllabus in PCM. (Correction:nearly 25%, since the syllabus for the test includes lessons from class 11th, also). I am all set to work now, but, I dont know whether I am eligible for the aforementioned exam, i.e improvement of papers,2015. If yes, then what about the practical marks? If the practical marks do not get retained further, can I apply for practicals again? If so, then where and how? Do I have to join some school and appear for the practicals and theory papers as a regular candidate or is there some sort of arrangements for private candidates too?