Respected Madam,

Sub - Complaint regarding Admission not giving by the school.

Mam my uncle exhausted the normal administrative channels of the department and emailed to the concern departments but nothing had happend so finally he advised me to submit complaint to this protal. I think you will take a strict action against this and I would continue my education.

I want to complaint against Rajkiya Sarvodaya Bal/Kanya Vidyalaya Kalyanpuri, new delhi-110091. I Renu Singh Nayak daughter of Mr. Kuwar Singh Nayak address House no-67 block no-1, Trilokpuri, New Delhi-110091 has completed my education till High school from that school after it in July 2011 I wants to choose English subject in 11th standard but the school was not giving me this subject because my marks was not meeting the target. My parents told me that I can choose the other subject like Sanskrit and all that because English is not as easy for me as I think.
Finally after few months my parents admitted me to a different school with English subject but they were not so happy to admit me on that school because it is so far from my house and none of the student from that area who goes to that school. One year later I got fail and now my parents decided that I will take admission in my old school which is near by my home and my two sisters is getting education from there.

When they went to the school and met with the management then the school management says that we can not accept the failures from the other schools.

I want to ask a question -

Is it the government rule that if the student got fail and wants to get admission on other school then it will not permitted?

The government says the education is most important or necessary for all the children but the other hand the school management says that we can not get admission for fail students from the other schools.
I want to join the school and get education for my future but if the school will behave like that then what is the future of those children who want to get education for their future.

Please seek your interest on this matter and help me to get admission on that school as soon as possible so that I can get education for my bright future.

Thanks & Regards
Renu Singh Nayak