I am student of class 12 with Physics,Chemistry,Maths,English,Computer Science.I am In CBSE. I want to do B.tech Computer Science from a reputed college.I wanted to know the difference between Compartment and Improvement of performance offered by CBSE. If I write compartment will I get a statement of marks(separate mark sheet) or a consolidated mark sheet(single mark sheet).What is the case in Improvement of Exam ? Will this Improvement or Compartment be reflected in Mark sheet ? Will it affect when I apply for job or go abroad for study ? If i get compartment in any subject ,what is the procedure for applying for CBSE to write exam as private candidate ?If I apply for compartment will my one year be wasted as the results for compartment come only in August and by that time all the the engineering colleges will have finished with their admissions.Is there any other way ?Please answer in detail.Thank you