Play a game of Chess with your kid.

You don't have push your child to do something, but playing games is something every child loves. Chess is an ideal game, because every game of chess is so different from the other.

It helps in many ways and in their growing years they will enjoy even more. They help in:
- Problem Solving: Children sub-consciously learn to look at problems from various angles when playing the game, and find solutions to these problems
- Patience: This game helps child to become calm. A child who cannot willingly sit still for more than a few minutes, will happily spend hours immersed in this game.
- Focus: A child who willingly sits focuses on something with a one-track mind, putting all his energies into problem solving, is definitely going to get more out of this game than just a 'checkmate.'
- Memory: Research has shown that students who play chess have stronger and significantly better developed memory than those who don't.
Although chess is not something children learn at school in India, this game is taught in various schools in at least 30 countries through the world.

Source :India Parenting