I'm in dire need of an expert's counsel.

My brief profile,
X & XII - First Class.
UG - II year, BA in English Literature.

The above stands as my current profile.
Only recently I found my interest in Management studies, unfortunately too late. I'm concerned that my non-business UG will give me trouble in entering the Elite B-Schools for MBA in Finance, and also in the placement as I might seem less attractive in the eyes of recruiters.
I have about a couple of years time in my hand, I'd like to make wise use of these two years by taking up courses and engaging myself in activities that could improve my candidature for MBA in Finance.
I request all you experts out here in Educoop to direct me and help me make the best use of these two years in perspective of doing MBA in Finance as PG.

The Query

My college is an average one and doesn't allow me to take up additional papers. And so I've kinda zeroed on to these two paths with the help of Google. They're both comfortable and affordable to me. Please with your expertise guide me to pick the right path of the two,

Amity's Online Diploma in Business Management


Wharton Online courses via Coursera

I currently pursue a Signature Track MOOC programme by Wharton and I'm more than impressed, but I don't know how the B-Schools or the recruiters in India might recognize this course.
I would like to post the link to those courses here but the website stops me... message me for the link or Google University of Pennsylvania Introductory business courses... sorry educoop doesnt allow me.. very disappointed with edcuoop

(Further note. The Course is offered by Wharton Business School's regular faculty, the B-School is ranked in the top 3 by Financial Times ranking. And I take the Verified Signature Track Program which grants Verified certificate with a verification URL)

I am kinda inclined towards Wharton's Online introductory courses offered via Coursera because of the quality of the program and of course the comfort of home that it offers. But I'm worried of its recognition. I just want to let the bschool admission committee and recruiters know that I'm a serious candidate with some exposure to business studies and I feel these courses in Coursera might just do the job. I wanna somehow use this as a counterweight against my Non-business UG. Is that possible, will it help me in my candidature for MBA Finance?

What would you suggest me, either go for Amity's Online Diploma in Business Management or Wharton's Online introductory courses offered via Coursera? Or would you liek to suggest me something else? All I want is a bridging between my UG and PG.

This decision means a lot to me. Much of thanks if you could help me.
Please... Help..............

I tried to keep it short.. but I had to elaborate appropriately..