Hi there, I just passed HS final exams ( +2 ) this year and seeing the results I think I did not do well. Now I doubt that this would affect my career options in the future. Anyway my marks are something like this:
MIL (Alternative Eng) -82
Computer Science-84
So you see unfortunately math became forth subject (its marks were not counted in grand total as I got the least in math). However my percentage is 78%.
I also qualified in JEE(mains) but I got very less (64 only). Just lucky to be in the ST category.
I wanted to join IIST ( Indian Institute of Science and Technology) but JEE advanced was not good. So now I want to drop out this year and try again next year.
I am in need of your opinion as this is a very important decision of my life. So I want to ask you these two question:

1] Are my marks good enough for research opportunities? or will it get me in trouble? If my mark aren't good should I give betterment?

2]Should I drop out this year for appearing for JEE next year? (promise m gonna work harder for that) or Should I just study simple engineering branch?

If you could help me with these two questions I'll be very grateful to you.
Please don't just comment, give me some suggestions.