My younger sister was about to appear for CBSE 12th boards IN 2011,but owing to some medical problems at that time,was unable to do so.She was marked as absent.She appeared as a private candidate in 2012 and got 80% marks.
while CBSE mailed us the Marks sheet and Pass certificates,we were unsure about
>Transfer Certificate
>Migration Certificate
>Charachter Certificate
The school where she was studying as a regular back till 2011 were very unhelpful and said they didn't need to be bothered about it.
She has been preparing for Medical entrances and now that some admission avenues have opened up,the question of these certificates looms at large.
would anyone be kind enough to provide any info about this situation.The regional cbse office/cbse helpline are there just for name's sake,and I'm bewildered at the tragedy of the situation where a student has to face these unnecessary hurdles,when there are plenty of them otherwise,anyway

Yours faithfully
Dr.Kumar Dushyant