i applied for re evaluation for an improvement exam i gave in month of deecember 2013(i gave first exam in april 2013),i applied for re evaluation in february after results were declared, i was told to expect any reply/change in 45 days, i waited patiently,someone at regional centre said delay is expected due to election,so i kept waiting...but neither have my marks changed nor any letter had been received by me, i simply do not know if my application and all the money enclosed eveb reached the office,or whether my request was entertained,i list my problems below:
1. i do not know where to look for re evakuation results on NIOS website(as they instruct in the document that is with application form),whenever i enter my roll no. on re eval results ,it says its invalid for this database......my record shows in senior secondary resuts ,just not in re evaluation!
2. my address has changed,and since application requires address i entered the new address where i want letter to be delievered,but when i applied i hadn't changed my address that was in records,but i did contact the man person who is at the old address and he denied receiving any such letter, i do not believe his words as he is known to have lied before,but i would like clarification which address NIOS uses when replying to re evaluation requests,one that is written on application,or one that exists in records,although it is same for most people,in case it IS different(as is my case) which one is used?
3 i did submit within 15 days,however it could be the RG sent it a little late,since on 15 th day i wanted to send another application for re evaluation of one ore subject(i had submitted for the first subject one day before i.e. on 14th day),n due to DD stuff it took some time,n i think the regional centre sends its letter before 11 or 12o' clock i.e. before the time i could submit application,so maybe my letter ,which was then probably sent the next day, was not accepted by headquarters...so what happens in such cases??