Hello there,

I am new to this forum and I am here to get an info for my cousin who completed her class 10th CBSE in 2014.

She got a final grade of A2 (88% marks) according to the new CCE evaluation scheme. But apparently there has been a mistake/ discrepancy in her original marksheet issued by CBSE, in that, her grades in the term 1 was written wrongly and this was reflected in her final grade too. Instead of the true grade A1 (school officials say that they had submitted the scores as A1), but the marksheet says it as A2. Therefore, although she is entitled for a final grade of A1, the mistake has brought her final grade to A2.

School officials say there is no way to correct that. And my cousin also gave up on that. But being an ex-CBSE student myelf, I thought of just searching this on internet and have reached this forum.

Do you know how to sort this out? Is there any way to contact CBSE board and request them to verify the result?

I would really appreciate if you could answer my query.

Dr Ross.