1. The Historic development of languages is a most important development in the human History. Languages are not static and are developing and the more open they are meaning the more they adapt to changing situations and intermingle with each other the more universal they become. The case of English is a classic example. It has never shied from absorbing from other languages be they French, Latin, Hindi and so on. The Technological and the material development in the English speaking world has contributed even more to its pre - eminence position at the present time.
2. The idea of keeping the purity of a language is completely archaic and making it a prestige issue is even more archaic. The 17th. Century English is completely different of what it is today. So also American English or Australian English or the English spoken in different countries are as different as oranges and apples. So also Hindi as spoken in West U.P. is different from what is spoken is different from what is spoken East U.P. or Bihar. When Hindi adopts snippets from Bhojpuri, Brajbhasha, Awadhi, Punjabi and so on it becomes more colourful and rich.
3. In my view language should not be considered the monopoly or the pride of any one area. It may be given different names to identify it with the various different ways it is spoken or understood. Language development should be as dynamic as various ideas in Science are.
4. All the above preamble is to preface my view about use of a language for instruction in classes which is a mixture of English and the language which is spoken in that area (Regional language). It goes without saying that the students should be allowed to express their answers in the same holistic mixture.
5. It would be a travesty of truth if the pre-eminent position of English is denied. This is well recognised by the modern parent even in villages etc. where there is a plethora of English Medium Schools which are opening. It does not matter that the teachers and the students are uncomfortable but the Schools have to be English Medium.
6. My view is that all these Schools should be allowed to use a mixture of English and the prevalent Regional language both as a medium of instruction and as a medium of answering questions. Keeping in view the pre-eminent position of English the usage of the Regional language should be restricted to about 25%. The idioms and quotations of the Regional language should be allowed to be freely used with the proviso that the idiom and the quotation should be explained in English.
7. If the answers carry substance then credit should be given to students and mere grammatical mistakes should be overlooked.
8. As it is with the internet based Social Media and sms’s the English language it-self is undergoing a dramatic change.
9. The Schools perforce have had to be of English Medium because as things stand Competence in English has become essential for Technical Studies, Job Market, and Legal Profession in India.
10. It is there for my earnest request that 25% Regional should be allowed to be used by the students while writing their papers. It will have many advantages. First the students will be tension free and will be able to give free reign to their imagination. Secondly it will allow them to respect the Regional Languages a little more and use famous quotes from our Revered writers such as Kabir, Rahim, Tulsi, Iqbal etc. in their compositions. Our Revered Prime Minister has already made a beginning by speaking only in Hindi to foreign Dignitaries. As it is the importance of Hindi is diminishing and I believe such a step will help Hindi and other regional languages to attain the respect which they deserve. When an Englishman uses French in his essays it is considered an embellishment, when he uses Hindi in his essay we feel proud but when we use a portion of our Mother Tongue in English Essays why should it be considered infra dig ?
11. This will help children of households where English is not spoken to be at par with children of Households where both English and Hindi are spoken.
12. I do believe English is a very important language and India has benefitted a lot by having it as our second language. Our dominance in the IT world has been attributed to our felicity with English. My submission is not to diminish English but to give some more respect to Hindi and other Regional Languages of India and a tension free learning to students who are not speaking English at home.
13. There will be an outcry from ultra-dogmatic traditionalists who swear by Queen’s English while now even Englishmen don’t use that English. There will also be an outcry from other privileged stake holders who will feel their dominance threatened. However it will help at least 75% of our students and youth.