Presenting to you world's first education management system, that will focus on students to learn, teachers to teach and parents to monitor. A unique program for parents searching for best education to their wards, students searching for admission to new college for higher education, teacher wants to give best teaching.
A unique program which facilitates for placement and to have a source of income for every individuals.
For those seeking add mission to arts,
Pharmacy, b.sc, b.com, law, b.a., engineering, mechanical, computer science, electronics, IT, chemical, civil, automobile, mbbs, hotel management, post graduate, mba, pgdm, marketing, hr, accounts, finance, operations, supply chain, etc. almost covering all streams, a new door had been opened for educationalist, future entrepreneurs, innovators, employees and professional.

With every activity of student been monitored focus is on to make everyone a professional, equipped with technology. Huge knowledge bank and teacher assistance will help every professional to attain success, to very huge height.

For all those who looking or searching for new colleges, to continue higher education and have an aim to be a successful in professional stream, Porchys technology named sume shall help all such colleges, students, teachers and parents to attain their vision. Student to study best, teacher to teach best, management to be reported best, and parents wants the best with their ward's education. Porchys research had made all of them come true.

An initiative towards betterment of society on class of education, we expect to create professionals and consume them at company's requirement.

With college facing trouble with marketing, managing resources, providing quality education service, placements, infrastructure, etc chooses ERP as best means to manage all. But ERP is good for managing information that too not at very basic or individual level.
With Porchys SUME as a unique way to manage accounts, attendance, classes, teachers, students, alumni, infrastructure, we consider this as one solution that will fit in for all needs.

If you think promises made above are unique, yes they are. Moreover, a demo shall enlighten you more on system and methods to avail the service of education management and placement programs.

Please note, services are almost free but it will be college limited. Hence you must have a unique registration number from college and an email registered in college database to get you access to system of education.
Porchys welcomes invitation from colleges.

Prateek Chaturvedi