difference between icse and cbse
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difference between icse and cbse

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    difference between icse and cbse

    Dear Teachers
    This is DP Mishra.
    Please help me understand being the parent how I will select a board which will help further.
    There are 2 boards available here in Bhubaneswar, odisha. Viz. cbse and icse.
    Both boards are growing equally in their respective affiliated schools.

    What are the prospectus available one over another and finally which one is best.
    Can someone help me how being a parent one will decide which will be best suited for the individual child.

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    Hi Dp,

    These are some differences between CBSE and ICSE.

    1. CBSE is recognized by Indian government and ICSE is not.
    2. CBSE has a better footing in the subcontinent than ICSE.
    3. CBSE syllabus are more accessible whereas in the case of ICSE, it is a lot tougher due to a low number of schools following this board.

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